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Co-Packing Services in our Commercial Kitchen

Do you have a unique idea for a food product that you would like to develop?

We can work with any person or business in Ontario to produce a high acid, glass bottled gourmet food product from their recipe that has been formulated for large scale production.

Co-pack KitchedAre you new to the food industry?

Our co-packing services are ideal for a special recipe that you would like to produce and sell – and is particularly ideal for individuals or businesses new to the food industry.

Whether it's a secret family recipe or your own creation, consider becoming a Niagara Presents co-packer.

The possibilities are endless!

  • Wine jelly made with a Niagara winery's wine.
  • Tea company bulk teas made into jelly to sell in their tea store with their label
  • A Micro-brewery who wants to produce a beer infused bbq sauce
  • A chef who wants to sell their signature products in their restaurant

Read about a few of our delicious success stories!

Billy's African Hot Sauce

Billy's African Hot Sauce – Billy is a native of Tanzania but lives in St. Catharines, Canada. She works in a local hospital and dedicates a lot of her time to helping others. Billy's African Hot Sauce is a recipe that she brought with her from Tanzania and was perfected after she graduated from the Niagara Woman's Enterprise Centre's first Recipe For Success Program. Billy's sauce is featured in our Gift Baskets.

Pear-fectly Apricot Preserves – Debra and her husband Tracey were the owner operators of Spirit Of Niagara, a preserve company in Grimsby. Pear-fectly Apricot Preserves is a delicious combination of apricots and pears laced with apricot Brandy. You can find this product under the Niagara Presents label.

Berries Dipped in Chocolate Sauce and Peach Orange Liqueur Sauce – Doris is another graduate of the Recipe For Success Program and is the creator of Berries Dipped in Chocolate Sauce and the Peach Orange Liqueur Sauce, two products featured in our Gift Baskets.

Why not give us a call and let's see how we can make your ideas a reality!

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We're Still Around

Please be advised that as of March lst the retail outlet in Beamsville will be closing. Although we will no longer be serving “walk in” clients our products and gift baskets will still be available on site - it will just require a phone call ahead! 

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